Virtual Terminal for mail orders

Virtual Terminal for mail orders

Simple and Secure Solutions for Accepting Credit Cards

A virtual payment gateway for phone and mail orders is what your business needs. Accept payments over the phone and boost your sales opportunity up to 70%. A virtual terminal is a simple and secure solution for accepting credit cards. The terminal is a part of payment solutions that enables your business to accept payments over the phone and emails or online, always ready to make a sale.
This payment gateway allows you to accept card payments on multiple devices. Virtual terminal credit card processing allows merchants and businesses to accept payments over the phone, mail or online from anywhere in the world.
It is the best solution for customers in a ‘card not present’ situation. Here, the merchant enters card details into a form on behalf of the customer who is not physically present.

A virtual terminal is the best method for accepting online payments without investing a huge amount on a complex system. No specialized hardware is required and it is the responsibility of the virtual terminal provider to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) because card details are not stored by the merchant.


  • Customer transfers payment details to you via mail order or phone
  • Merchant enters the given payment details into a Virtual Terminal
  • Transaction gets process in real-time with outcome of the transaction displayed on the Virtual Terminal

Key Attributes:

  • Multi-currency payment processing
  • Web based Virtual Terminal (Accessible via secure log-in)
  • All time access to payment processing and reports
  • Seize sales via major credit cards viz. MasterCard, Visa, etc.
  • Online transaction reports available
  • Immediate authorization of transactions
  • 24*7 client support

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Merchant benefits:
When you’re away from your physical store and cannot accept payments in person, you don’t have to turn down a sales opportunity or store customer’s payment information to process it later. Virtual terminals are the best option in such situations.

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Accept Mail order and telephone order payments easily
  • Web-based, user-friendly interface which is easy to use with little or no training
  • Don’t have to bother with PCI compliance since you are not responsible for storing customers’ card information
  • Recurring payments options so your subscribers can be charged on a regular schedule
  • A great option if you only choose to receive card payments over phone or mail
  • Can be used as a back-up when your payment software or hardware breaks down
  • Can help to solve high processing of B2B transactions

Why use our Virtual terminal payment gateway?

International Bank Services (IBS) provides one of the best Virtual terminal payment gateway for phone and mail orders in UK & Europe.
Regardless of your business size or only accept payments mainly from mail order and telephone order (MOTO) sales, our virtual terminal payment gateway helps you to manage your payments for quick, efficient and secure service.
Our virtual terminals have been designed to allow multiple users to submit the transaction for authorization. By using latest fraud detection tools and security checks to protect your customer's data at all times.

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