Bitcoin Merchant Account

Bitcoin Merchant Account

Technological innovation means constant change in the way business is done. And as a merchant if you want to survive and flourish in this ultra competitive market, it is important to know and keep up with these ever changing industry trends.

Customer is the king. And so, customer preferences and requirements should be a number one priority for any business. Offering variety in products and services is not any more. Merchants also need to understand the changes happening with the way customers prefer to pay for these products and services.

Gone are the days when cash used to be the predominant mode of payment. Plastic money has taken over the old trend. And an even more recent trend that the payment industry has witnessed in the recent times is the ability to use cryptocurrencies as a legitimate payment option.

While there are many Cryptocurrency that are accepted as payments by businesses, Bitcoins have been increasing in popularity especially among the younger demography.

What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of virtual currency that is traded using the peer to peer system. Created in 2009, it is one of the most traded type of cryptocurrency, also used as a form of payment. Several reputed businesses have started accepting payments in bitcoin because of its popularity among the customers.

How to start accepting bitcoins for my business?

If you are a merchant looking to integrate a payment system that can accept bitcoins, a Bitcoin Merchant Account is just what you should be looking for.

However, finding a quality provider to process bitcoins is difficult. Bitcoins are considered risky as the industry is tagged under High Risk. Reasons such as bitcoins being non-regulated currencies, misconceptions regarding bitcoin trading and difficulty in real-time processing of payments due to price volatility are the major reasons why a business will have a hard time finding a bitcoin merchant account processor.

Merchants need not worry though because there are plenty of top rated high risk merchant account providers offering bitcoin processing through their high risk merchant account solutions.

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Now modernize your business by finding better ways to accept payments from your customers.

Apart from gaining an edge over your competitors by accepting bitcoins, there are several advantages that a merchant can gain from setting up bitcoin merchant account processing. Low transcation fees, high security, no threats of chargebacks, payout options are a few key benefits of a bitcoin merchant account.

Team up with top rated High Risk Merchant Account provider, International Bank Services (IBS) based in London, UK and Europe that offers merchants across industries a quality bitcoin merchant account services that allows them smooth and secure bitcoin processing.

International Bank Services (IBS) with its team of experts and a dedicated 24/7 support provides merchants with bitcoin merchant account with fast approval and easy integration.

If you are looking for a bitcoin payment gateway, International Bank Services (IBS) bitcoin merchant account solutions come furnished with a secure payment gateway to take care of your online transactions.

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