High Risk Merchant Account

High Risk Merchant Account

A business cannot make profit without taking significant risks. A fair amount of risk is involved in every business. A business simply cannot grow without risks. That being said, some businesses are inherently more risky by nature than the others. And these are the businesses that end up having trouble with banks and processors. A start-up or even an established business planning to expand or upgrade their operations, being tagged as a high risk business will most likely scare away investors and banks respectively.
If you are a high risk merchant too, don’t worry. Yes, a high risk label might create obstacles when wanting to get things done but nothing is impossible.

A Merchant Account is a necessity to accept credit card payments and process online transactions. But if you are one of those unfortunate businesses being categorized as high risk, finding a quality merchant account will prove to be a difficult task. This is where your next best option comes in : A High Risk Merchant Account. They may be a tad bit expensive than a regular merchant account, but offer equally quality services.

Traditional banks and financial institutions are wary of businesses that are considered high risk and often shoo such merchants away without even considering their applications. There’s also the fact that high risk merchants are often charged high processing fees. However, we have found that we save 98% of vendors on processing fees over what they are currently experiencing whether they have low, medium or high-risk needs. At such times, merchants need to be very careful of such merchant account providers who easily accept an application and provide them with predatory contracts and unfairly high rates.

Hence, it becomes very imperative that a merchant checks their contract and go over to see if there are any standards for minimizing the transaction rates. Negotiating with your potential high risk merchant account provider helps too. Larger reserves, rolling reserve agreements and other types of risk minimization can help an applicant obtain the best rates possible for high risk merchant account solutions.

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Industries considered High Risk:

While the list below is not exhaustive it does include industries that are deemed high risk. Now high risk does not necessarily mean unprofitable, it simply means that the bank feels there is the strong possibility of refunds, charge backs, and fraud. Below mentioned are some:

Online Gaming Merchant Account Online Pharmacy Merchant Account
Health and Wellness Products Call Center Merchant Account
Dating Merchant Account Forex Merchant Account
Nutraceutical Merchant Services Adult Merchant Account
E-Cigarette Merchant Account Travel Merchant Account
ISP and Hosting Merchant Services Cryptocurrency Merchant Account
Virtual Terminal Mail Order E-Commerce Merchant Account
Money Transfer Merchant Services Prepaid Phone Card Merchant Account
Airlines Payment Processing Antiques
Bankruptcy Attorneys Gambling Merchant Account
Credit Repair Merchant Account Drug Paraphernalia
CBD Merchant Account Hemp Oil
MMJ (Medical Marijuana) Merchant Account Casino Merchant Account
Tobacco Merchant Account Retail Merchant Account
Bitcoin Merchant Account MOTO Merchant Account

Why are you considered a High Risk Business?

Aside from being related to or belonging to a certain industry type, there are several other reasons why you may be considered a high risk business. It is important to know which category your business falls into but merchants also need to realize the causes and reasons why your business is placed in the high risk category.

  • New Market: Starting or operating a business in a newly established or emerging market is difficult and one part of the difficulty is getting approved for Credit Card Processing. Cannabis industry is a good example for emerging market with businesses finding it difficult to get approved for a merchant account.
  • High Charge Backs: When a customer is not satisfied with the service/product or believes the business has falsely advertised their product, claims issue with the product or does not receive it at all, the customer issues a complaint with the bank and the bank initiates a refund on their behalf. This is called a charge back. High chargebacks are more than often the reasons for a business being targeted as high risk.
  • Low Credit Score: Regardless of business type or industry, credit score matters. Low credit score is considered as red flag for banks and financial merchant account providers.
  • No credit card processing history: Credit card processors may hesitate to offer their services if you are new or have a low payment processing history. A steady track record can alleviate your business off of the high risk label. This especially applies with start-ups who struggle to show a significant processing history.
  • Bad or negative credit history is bad for business as well as for merchant account providers.
  • Businesses being listed on the MATCH list due to merchant account termination from their previous merchant processor.
  • High risk industry with high sales price; viz. debt collection
  • Merchant account denied previously

If you have gone through the above list and come to a conclusion that your business has been labelled as high risk, you need not worry because not all hope is lost. With plenty of high risk merchant account providers willing to offer you high quality high risk credit card processing solutions, your business is in safe hands.
Several top rate high risk merchant account processors are more than eager to take on such businesses. There are several high risk merchant account provider that, in fact, specialize in certain high risk industries and are able to provide just the kind of high risk credit card processing solutions that will only leverage your business.

The best solution for merchants with high risk busineses is to build solid relationship with a online high risk payment gateway providers that specialize with these industries. Apart from high risk credit card processing solutions, these providers also help in monitoring suspicious transactions, fight charge back, identify possible threats and consistently manage your risks on a day-to-day basis.
High risk payment gateways provide expertise and tools to enable merchants in running their business with a healthy high risk business bank account successfully for a long period of time.

Why Choose our High Risk Merchant Account Solutions?

Are you a merchant whose business has been classified as high risk? Having difficulty finding a quality high risk business bank account to accept credit cards? International Bank Services (IBS) based in London, U.K. & Europe, is associated with a large number of offshore acquiring banks and large payment processors offering reliable, stable and secure high risk merchant processing for most high-risk businesses.
Our team of experts guide high risk merchants and advise them throughout the whole approval process in order to acquire the best possible high risk merchant processing solutions for your business and one that will meet your unique requirements.

  • Has your business being rejected before for being risky? International Bank Services (IBS) will still want your business
  • Get easy high risk merchant account instant approval with International Bank Services (IBS)
  • We ensure high risk merchant account instant approval and fast account set up with easy integration of High Risk Payment Gateway.

High risk merchants will find it extra difficult to almost impossible to obtain a regular merchant account after being tagged as risky. Approval for such business by merchant account providers or banks is low. Several factors including excessive chargebacks prove to be a deterrant for high risk merchants to get approved. Hence, the approval rate is extremely low for such businesses.

Are you a merchant looking for a high risk merchant account with instant approval? With several years of experience and strong banking relations round the world, International Bank Services (IBS) offers comprehensive high risk merchant account solutions to merchants. We specialize in high risk merchant accounts with an approval ratio of over 95% in merchant placements.

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We have a 24/7 strong support team and a dedicated staff that you can talk to right away to know your chances of getting approved. We are here to answer any questions you have about the process!

FAQ’s for High-Risk Merchant Account

Q: Why are high risk processing fees so high?

A: The most basic reason for high processing is that involvement of high risk in the merchants business.

Q: Why is my business classified as High Risk?

A: Your business is considered high risk because it may be a new business or you must be having a high chargeback and various other reasons.

Q: When are merchants considered high risk?

A: Merchants are considered as high risk depending upon the type of product or services the merchant provides.

Q: Why is business with poor previous record considered high risk?

A: A weak previous record shows a high risk to processors as there are possibilities of merchant defaulting and being unable to cover chargebacks and refunds.

Q: Is it possible to convert our high risk business to a low risk?

A: Is some cases it is possible to convert a high risk business to low risk by taking some measures.

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