Credit Repair Merchant Account

Credit Repair Merchant Account

A bad credit is a common occurence in this economy. To improve their credit history, they seek the help of businesses that help such customers in need. Many credit repair or restorations companies have come up and become popular among customers.

The past few years, credit repair businesses have managed to successfully enter the market and create a niche industry of their own. While these merchants have had success enjoying customers’ trust, credit repair businesses have difficult time dealing with banks and processors and have trouble getting approval from these financial institutions.

Credit Repair is often referred to as a disputed industry. For processors, such businesses are synonymous with prohibited or restricted business types. In short, the credit repair industry has been labelled by banks as ‘High Risk’. This essentially means that no matter how successful your business is or how much profit you rack in, if a merchant associated with credit repair business requires a Merchant Account, chances are you will be immediately denied.

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Reasons such as high probability of theft, fraud and chargebacks has made it a risky business. The nature of business that is to clean a customer’s credit means the responsibility of it falls on the business which in turn means the processor is also at risk if the client defaults on payments again.

Challenges while obtaining a Credit Repair Merchant Account

As a high risk business, merchants face many difficulties finding a decent merchant account processor willing to take on your business no matter how successful it is. In spite of being an established, efficient billion dollar global industry, banks often refuse to process payments for these merchants.

Chargebacks, similar to other risky industries, is a problem for credit repair businesses too. Excessive chargebacks means the processor unwilling to take your business and turning you away.

However, since majority of businesses have started accepting credit/debit cards, you do not want your business to lag behind either. Even though some processors may be reluctant to accept you and others might outright deny, there are still many reputed merchant account providers offering credit repair merchant account services tailor made to serve your business right.

Secure Affordable Credit Repair Merchant Account Solutions by International Bank Services (IBS)

Are you a credit repair merchant looking for affordable yet quality merchant account services that serve your business right? International Bank Services (IBS) based in London, UK & Europe is a top-rated High Risk Merchant Account provider that specializes in offering merchant account solutions to high risk verticals spread across various industries. With a large network of acquiring banks and experience dealing in every type of high risk industry, International Bank Services (IBS) proves to be the perfect solution for your payment solution needs.

We offer comprehensive credit repair merchant account services designed to meet every requirement of your business and customers to help expand and grow your business.

As an established processor, we understand the challenges and risks associated with a high risk tag that comes with a credit repair business assisting the business accordingly.

As merchants, businesses need to be honest about every detail asked by the processor in order to ensure quick approval of your merchant account.

With team of experts that are ready to answer all your questions and queries about getting merchant account approval for your business. Apply and contact us now!

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