E-Commerce Merchant Account

E-Commerce Merchant Account

Internet has taken over the world. With every little thing you desire found within seconds on your mobile or computer screens, e-commerce businesses are indeed flourishing. Whether a customer wants to buy a product or just check it’s availability, our first instinct is to go online and look for it.

In fact, with the increasing popularity and usage of e-commerce shops to buy stuff, especially among the younger market, traditional businesses are also setting up online shops in order to further expand and keep up with the market trends.

Running a business online is different to a traditional brick & mortar shop. And one of the most significant difference between the two is the way customers pay for their purchases. As a shop owner, you could’ve gotten away with just accepting cash from your buyer but the same does not apply for an e-commerce merchants.

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As an e-commerce merchant, providing different payment methods is as important as keeping a variety in your product stock. The rise in the usage of credit cards shows the need for merchants to offer seamless online credit card processing solutions for their business so as to not lose out on a significant market share.

Are you first time merchant looking to expand into the e-commerce space? or someone alreasy selling online wanting a merchant account to expand their payment options? E-Commerce Credit Card Processing Solutions is where you need to start.

What is E-Commerce Credit Card Processing?

If you want to start accepting payments via your online business, e-commerce credit card processing services are an absolute necessity.

E-commerce credit card processing solutions is to online stores what Point of sale solution is to a traditional business. Both use the same process but using different tools. With a brick & mortar business that uses a POS system, the credit card information is entered manually to accept payments whereas with a e-commerce credit card processing, online stores integrate shopping carts to obtain the customer’s purchase order and card information which gets encrypted and sent to the issuer to authorize via a payment gateway.

In simple words, by obtaining e-commerce credit card processing services to your web store, a customer simply has to choose the products, enter their payment information and the transaction is complete.

E-commerce credit card processing offers the same features as any merchant account. The only significant difference being the online transactions happen in real time.

Secure E-Commerce Merchant Account Solutions with International Bank Services (IBS)

Looking for a merchant account provider to start accepting online payments? Or simply want to switch from your current processor? International Bank Services (IBS) has the perfect payment solution for your e-commerce store.

International Bank Services (IBS) based in London, UK & Europe is a no.1 leading merchant account provider offering comprehensive e-commerce credit card processing solutions perfectly designed to meet the payment demands of an online business.

No matter the kind of business you operate or the product you sell, with our strong network of sponsor banks and merchant approval rate of over 95%, International Bank Services (IBS) opens its arms to every merchant looking for quality e-commerce credit card processing solutions.

International Bank Services (IBS) understands the need to have a compact and efficient system to take care of your payment needs and offer tight security to the customers as well. Hence, our e-commerce credit card processing solutions are comprehensive of a secure payment gateway that will give you the extra security that your customer desires.


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