Adult Merchant Account

Adult Merchant Account

One of the most lucrative businesses in the world, the adult entertainment industry has not only witnessed growth but is also constantly flourishing.
With internet and the anonymity it offers, many have an easy access to adult websites and also offers a convenient way to pay for services and products using their credit cards.
While the world may have come a long way in accepting and lifting the stigmas surrounding adult workers and businesses, the same cannot be said about banks and financial institutions that still deny their services to those associated or working in the adult industry.
Traditional banks and institutions have made it impossible for porn sites, adult toy shops, online dating, strip clubs, and other similar businesses to open an adult merchant account to process credit card payments. There have also been instances of porn performers or adult businesses having their accounts frozen or shut down without a forewarning.

Why are you denied an adult merchant account?

The adult entertainment industry is absolutely legal but is still plagued with restrictions and financial discrimination. Porn sites or selling sex toys is not illegal yet many banks treat them that way.
So, why adult merchants are denied merchant account solutions?
Like a few other businesses that experience hard time obtaining Credit Card Processing Services, Adult merchants fall in the similar high risk category.

  • The most common reason for turning away an adult merchant is because of the products and services sold by them.
  • Banks fear reputation risk and turning away customers and business partners.
  • For credit card processors, their acquiring banking partners have a ‘strict-no’ policy for adult businesses.
  • The controversial and uncertain nature of business brings in a certain amount of risk for banks as well.
  • The anonymous and ‘card-not-present’ transactions that take place for online business causes high rates of chargebacks.
  • Offering subscription based services also brings in chargeback risks.
  • Legal & operational issues, high ticket items and large monthly processing volume make it difficult for businesses to acquire adult merchant account and credit card processing solutions from regular banks.

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Got turned away once again by a provider?

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How to obtain an Adult Merchant Account?

Despite the many challenges and denials faced by adult merchants, obtaining adult merchant account is now possible with many established merchant account providers offering their services.
Although, one cannot simply approach any provider to ask for credit card processing services, merchants need to look for High Risk Merchant Account providers like International Bank Services (IBS). Approaching a high risk merchant account provider that offers customized services for adult merchants not only ensures high chances of approval but also smooth business operations.

While submitting your adult merchant account application, keep these key points in mind:

  • Ensure you have a clean and positive credit history
  • Be transparent about your business and answer questions honestly
  • Be prepared for a reserve account that the processor may set up on your behalf
  • Ensure your business is legitimate and in compliance with rules & regulations

How to prevent chargebacks for your adult business?

Chargebacks are a huge obstacle in the adult entertainment industry. Anonymous transactions make it difficult to track and consumers end up disputing charges on their bank statements by claiming it wasn’t them who made the purchase.
Merchants can reduce risks with chargeback prevention and mitigation tools available with the merchant account providers. Some steps to prevent chargebacks for your business:

  • A clear bill to consumers with the company’s name, transaction date and contact number can be sent when the purchase is done.
  • Generate an automatic e-mail receipt to be sent once the transaction is completed.
  • Offer refunds when a consumer disputes the purchase

Adult Merchant Account Solutions with Zero Set-up fees from International Bank Services (IBS):

International Bank Services (IBS) is a reliable Merchant Account Provider that specializes in high risk verticals with over 95% approval rate in merchant placements. Our team specializes in offering comprehensive and tailor-made adult merchant account & credit card processing solutions with secure payment gateways that make for a smooth, efficient processing experience.
What’s more? You can now set up your adult merchant account at zero costs with International Bank Services (IBS). Most merchant account providers will charge you exorbitant processing or set up fees that you to be aware of.
International Bank Services (IBS) believes in providing fair services & rates to every legal business that wants to offer various payment options to its customers. We also have chargeback prevention tools and provide guidance to our merchants on how to avoid the same.
What types of Adult businesses do we accept for Adult Credit Card Processing?
While the adult entertainment industry is vast with various niche businesses popping up once in a while, International Bank Services (IBS) works with all kinds of legal adult businesses including:

  • Adult Novelties and Toys
  • Online Dating Websites & Escort Services
  • Live Chat & Skype Rooms
  • Streaming Video and Hardcore Adult Content
  • Adult DVD’s, Books, Cartoons, Mp3’s and Downloadable
  • Sexual Enhancement Products
  • Webcams & Live Entertainment
  • Exotic Dancers & Entertainers
  • Strip Clubs & Gentleman’s Clubs

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